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"Rousing the Lion
is a fantastic book!

You explain so clearly how a man's mind works and how to successfully communicate with them in a way that I, being a woman, would never have understood without you.

I have also bought two terrific audios that you have done and I want everything you write or record. I have read a lot on the subject of communicating with men and what you have to say is far superior to all the other writers. It's really all anyone needs."

--J. S.

"I got married 6 months after reading
[Rousing the Lion].
--Ahlam, OM

attract man, seduce man, man commitment, keep him interested

Q: What is the Cleopatran art of hypnosis?
A: Hypnosis is the art of understanding a man so deeply... communicating so directly to his real, hidden needs... that your words touch him and open his heart in an irresistible, pleasure-giving, absolutely unforgettable way.

"Rousing the Lion has helped me to attract and inspire a wonderful man to whom I am now engaged
and plan to marry in the near future.


"I'm only half way through the book at the moment, and love it. l had wanted an intimate relationship with a guy l had liked for years, but he had never really shown any interest in me, but he is now and much more. So THANK YOU for the book."

When it comes to Love,
if you're like most women,
you've been deceived... and maybe more deeply than you've realized.

ou've been misled.


Lied to, even.

Not necessarily by men (though of course that happens)-- but lied to about men.

Lied to, by well-meaning people, about how men think and feel... and about how to create and nurture true passion and true connection. So that sense of connection you've waited for has stayed just out of reach. Or, worse, it's been there-- and then fizzled out.

Now, despite what some people have told you, you know there's no Prince Charming, there's no savior on horseback coming to sweep you away to a castle. You know that, and you're okay with it.

But isn't there something better? Something better than what you've had so far? Something better than what you see around you all the time--all the "happy" couples, the look of that woman who insists that everything's fine, but who you can sense is as bored and edgy and frustrated as a tigress in a cage?

Being Patient Hasn't Brought You
the Love You Want

Hasn't there always been the suggestion-- faint, but inescapable-- that if you are just good enough, and nice enough, and loving enough, and faithful enough, and, well, everything enough, that Mr. Right will come along?

And that Mr. Right will act the right way? And that Mr. Right will stick around?

All you have to do is wait. Be nice, and wait.

Watch your tummy, and wait.

Be a Good Girl, and wait.

There's no secret. There's no magic. There's nothing you can do. Just be a Good Girl, and wait.

Like I said, you've been deceived.

But now you can open yourself
to a deep and challenging truth...

that as you touch
certain "Triggers" in the male mind,
you can make men crave you
and worship you,
for the long-Term

and this truth can bring you the love, joy, and intense fulfillment you desire.

"There were times when I was feeling frustrated with my man and I wanted to lash out. I would pick up the book RTL and start to understand that men are just like dogs.. you reward them, pet them and understand their language and you can get the dog (man) to do anything you like.. my old approach just did not work.. and the RtL approach definitely does work... I am so happy with my purchase... thanks for writing it."

"It has really shown me that some differences between men and women are not just natural, but so basically hardwired that it is truly foolish to fight them. It has also showed me that I wouldn't want to fight these differences in the first place because accepting them actually enriches a relationship and is precisely what adds to the 'magic' between a man and a woman! The program has also empowered me in my femininity. It is a truly remarkable program..."
--F. A., US

"[Rousing the Lion] enabled me to see things
from a different perspective,
and change some old habits that weren't working for me.

--Susanne, US

"[After reading Rousing the Lion] I have more confidence with men. I know that to love or not to love is an option, knowing also I do have the capacity to love but I have the freedom to put men into either a friend, lover, husband category, and accept whatever my men view me as. I view men as companions, as pleasure, not so much as someone who would financially take care of me, or show me how to live my life."


n some level, you know you deserve happiness-- both happiness with yourself, and happiness with a man.You already know that men and women are different. That's plain to see, even if we sometimes would rather pretend otherwise. But since you and the man who could be Mr. Right are very different, how can the two of you be happy together?

Here's where an even deeper secret comes in. Here's where you learn how to understand men-- and therefore attract men-- more completely than ever before.Here's where you learn how you can connect with a man... influence a man... motivate a man... and inspire a man...and do all of these things just by knowing some special, rather magical emotional "recipes".

And here's where I can help.

What I've learned from hypnotizing men, and how you can attract a man, seduce a man, keep him interested, and keep him committed:

ver have a secret part of your life?

You know, maybe a part of your life you don't talk about much, or a time in your life that's very private to you?I have. When I was in college, I used to make money on the side by hypnotizing people. I'd put up little ads outside cafes, and people would call me.

We'd sit down.

My client would relax, take a deep breath, and we'd talk for awhile. My client would talk... I would listen... I would talk... my client would listen.

When helping people with their problems-- helping a photographer remember where she lost track of some images, for instance, or helping a musician relax before his audience--I learned some things.

Rather, I connected more fully with something I'd sensed, but not fully opened to. I learned that men and women experience their lives and emotions in different ways--yet there are patterns to these differences.

Hypnotizing men, and hypnotizing women, helping them both, has taught me how to unlock and release their fears... how to connect with their feelings... how to gently and firmly guide their actions.

I've spent the past four years of my life teaching men how to understand these patterns, and how to create exciting and fulfilling relationships with women. (In fact, if you want to be a snoop, you can do some web searching, and read the many, many testimonials from men who've learned from my books, audio CDs, and videos.)

I've taught many men the hidden secrets of women's hearts.

Now I'd like to share with you
the secrets of men's hearts...

and how you can secretly,
subtly mesmerize men, so you can get beneath their reflexive resistance...

connecting You to the warmth
and love within

hether you wish to easily attract more men...
bring back that special spark, that feeling of passion you miss so much ...
want to twist your boss, your co-worker, and every man you meet around your little finger, in a way that is ever more safe, comfortable, and genuine...
or you just realize you are ready for more...

"[Rousing the Lion] has helped me sweep [men] off their feet without them knowing
what hit them.

--H., Pennsylvania

You can now take comfort in this realization:

You can both stir and command the power within any man--you can rouse the Lion inside him--so that he pushes himself to please and satisfy you. Inside you waits the authentic power of hypnosis--subtle hypnosis--covert hypnosis... and you can use it to drive his passions in a way no other woman can.

After you read Rousing the Lion v2.0, you will know the exact structure of a man's natural thinking pattern. You'll have a kind of cookbook for attracting him, soothing him, and inspiring him. You'll be able feed dreams directly into his soul... and he will cherish you for it.

Another little secret, from me to you...

n late 2000, researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine employing functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)--brain scans-- made a striking observation: Men's and women's brains react differently to language.

When a woman hears language, she will activate both the logical and emotional hemispheres of the brain-- she will both analyze the language and feel an emotional response to it. When a man hears that same language, only his brain hemisphere associated with logical, linear thinking tends to activate. He usually won't feel the kind of emotional response a woman would. So to really touch a man's emotions, you need more than words...

And you need to use words in a very different way.

How men think, understand man, male emotion, male female difference.

during conversation PEAK and SPARK my partner's interest."

--Summer C., BC, Canada

How Rousing the Lion works


t's well known that men are visual creatures--and that men like looking at pretty women.

But being pretty isn't the only way to be attractive. And being pretty isn't a sure-fire route to engaging a man's deeper emotions. Oftentimes, being pretty just leads to having more hassles.

Being truly sexy...truly seductive...truly compelling... is less a matter of how you look... than what you see.

Rousing the Lion shows you the possibilities waiting deep inside you-- the ones that can unlock the possibilities hidden inside him.

Rousing the Lion shows you how men weigh choices, how they think and feel--and it shows you how to lead them to say and do, think, and feel new and more satisfying things. When you take inside all the power and wisdom that it offers, you'll find you can easily use the way a man naturally sees the world in order to open him to new and deeper experiences--to get him to do what you want--to lead him to truly fulfill your needs.
"Great info--
Convinced my man to go for a new job, FAST!
Need I say more? A++"

Attract, motivate, and inspire any man!

empowerment, seduce man, arouse man, improve sex man, turn man on, man share secret, man talk about emotions.

What You'll Discover from
Rousing the Lion

  • why he seems to be less emotionally expressive than you (See page 5)
  • the need underlying his actions (See page 6)
  • what his feelings mean to him (See page 7)
  • what he really focuses on (See page 7)
  • what you should ask him to get him to open, instead of asking what he's feeling (See page 8)
  • how he makes sense of his experiences (See page 8)
  • what makes experiences meaningful for him (See page 8)
  • how he processes experiences (See page 9)
  • how to make yourself part of his long-term vision (See page 24)
  • the hidden truth about femininity and its effect on men (See page 24)
  • how to send words deeply and immediately into his heart (See page 31)
  • how to immediately enter into the deepest places in his emotional life (See page 49)
  • learn the exact beliefs that shape his emotional world (See page 50)
  • learn exactly how he comes to decisions and takes action, and how to help him through his process, in a way he'll love (See page 56)
  • how to easily demonstrate to him that your long-term interests are aligned (See page 62)
  • how to subtly yet powerfully move him away from bad choices and toward good ones (See page 68)
  • how to immediately seize his attention and amp up his desire with subtle movements (See page 69)
  • how to immediately and silently create comfort and connection, without saying a word or drawing attention to yourself (See page 73)
  • how to communicate with him through his individual “secret code” (See page 73)
  • how to use the secret language of subtle movement to heighten his feelings (See page 74)
  • how to speak powerfully to his instincts using “symbols” (See page 75)
  • how to use certain secret “animal” movements to subtly drive him into action (See page 79)
  • how to use the “hidden truth” of events to build deep connection and communication with him (See page 81)
  • how to fascinate and arouse him in moments, while earning his awe and respect (See page 92)
  • how to praise him in a way that won't lead him to secretly withdraw from you (See page 93)
  • how to make what you are saying feel deeply important, credible, and moving (See page 94)
  • why eye contact can actually scare a man off, and how to make eye contact in a way that entices him (See page 94)
  • how to make your touches dramatically more exciting and addictive (See page 94)
  • how to go deeply, deeply down into his hidden world... in a way that hooks him (See page 98)
  • how to set his ambition on fire (See page 98)
  • how to turn him into a helpless “love slave,” with just a few words... (See page 99)
  • how to use words to send massive sexual energy coursing through him (See page 104)
  • how to make what you say magnetic and fascinating (See page 105)
  • how to put the ideas you want into his mind, without getting blamed (See page 106)
  • why he might feel your praise is empty-- and how to compliment him the right way (See page 112)
  • why he's not as emotionally giving as he could be... and how you can change this (See page 112)
  • a psychological “love spell” that will make him both more successful at the office and more deeply connected to you (See page 113)
  • a deep, potent, thrilling process that will immediately supercharge your sex-life and your shared feelings of pleasure, desire, and connection... an experience so powerful that it can completely transform your life together, in a lasting way (See page 120)
  • how to uncover your own hidden emotional buttons (See page 130)
  • how to free yourself from old feelings that no longer serve you... in moments (See page 134)
  • a simple, specific process for reconnecting with your confidence... and discovering more about what you truly want (See page 135)

"[As a result of reading Rousing the Lion ] I can predict [men's] reactions."
--Sabrina, FRANCE

"[Rousing the Lion] has helped me to get what I want from my man with little effort."

What you'll learn about men:

  • How to use your bodily movements to hook into a man's feelings
  • How to use unusual gestures and phrases to grab him where it counts
  • How his feelings work
  • How to open up and make use of the world of his fantasies
  • How to connect with him more deeply than anyone else ever has
  • How to get him to share his actual thoughts
  • How to get him to do what you want
  • How to ignite his drive and ambition

What you'll learn about yourself:

  • How to give yourself permission to explore
  • How to allow yourself to explore while remaining emotionally safe
  • How to immediately balance and center your emotions
  • How to maintain your emotional boundaries
  • How to connect with the power and potential waiting within you

Why this can transform your personal journey:

ou can experience true emotional liberation...
and your life can become as rich, romantic, and fulfilling as you dream of it being!

Stop waiting for a prince to happen by...

Declare yourself empress-- make peasants into warriors, and warriors into kings!

Stop hoping to be seen as Rapunzel--

trust the power waiting inside you, and allow yourself to...

become Cleopatra!

female power, connect own power, seduce man, make man fall in love

Rousing the Lion shows you
the art of moving a man's emotions...
so that, with your help, he moves mountains...
in your service.

"Imagine melting, tingling,
being fully alive
in a deeper way than ever before..."

Buy Rousing the Lion Now!

Table of Contents
Rousing the Lion,

Introduction: the Challenge of Connection

Part One:
Understanding Your Man

a. How He Connects to the World

The Grappling Hook and the Mountain
What His Hand Touches and What His Heart Knows
The Garden and the Hunt
Internal vs. External
The Male Recipe for Decision
Why He is So Cold and Unemotional
Why He Looks at Every Woman Who Passes
The War of All Against All
Why His Battles Matter
Why He Gets So Jealous
What He Really Wants

b. How He Relates to Women
What He Really Wants…from a Woman
Why Does He Like HER? She's Worthless!
His Relationship to Words
How He Interprets What You Say
What He Wants to Know

Part Two:
Using Subtle Hypnosis to Enchant Your Man and Your Business Partners

How to Open His Emotions
Feeding His Inner Dog

a. Mesmerizing Him with Your Words
Holding a Mirror to His Soul
Words and Concepts that Open His Heart
The Head of the Pack
How to Use His Beliefs
Using the Male Mental Funnel to Get Him to Do What You Want
How to Motivate Him Fast

b. Mesmerizing Him with Your Moves
Connection through Movement
How to Use the Silent Language of Connection
Adding Nuance to Your Body's Speech
The Hard and Solid Male Universe

c. Cosmetics of Communication
Verbal Stimulation
Don't and Do
Talking Pictures
Birds of a Feather
"The Cards Say that Someone New will Enter Your Life"
Once Upon a Time
If, Then
Let's Put it This Way

Part Three:
Putting Your Hook Inside Him

Connecting to His Fantasies
Getting Limber with Approval
Using Words to Inflame His Erotic Center and Connect Powerfully
How to Connect Even More Powerfully
Connecting So Powerfully He Spills His Drink
How to Speak, So He Feels Even More
Wrapping Your Message within Your Message
How to Give Him the Message, without Being the One to Say It
How to Inject Him with Thoughts, Dreams, and Desires

Part Four:
Keeping Your Man

Needs of His Mind
Needs of His Body
Helping Him Fulfill Your Desires
His Emotions, Made Simple
Judging Competence
Judging Goals
Conditional Praise
Drawing from the Hidden Well
Remembering the War that Shapes His Life
Using Overt Hypnosis to Share the Secret Depths of Ecstasy

Part Five:
Opening to Deep Fulfillment

Knowing Your Own Emotional Buttons
Freeing Yourself from Limiting Beliefs and Thoughts
How to Free Yourself from Old Fears--in Moments
Emotional Transformation
How to Reconnect with Your Confidence
Regaining Your Freedom of Sensuality
Unleashing His Powers of Romance

"Since I am married, I wasn't looking to meet or enchant a new guy. I did use your ideas and thoughts with my husband, and he has become happier, more enchanted, and more excited about our relationship.

We argue very little and he tells me
he feels more supported and loved.

How to find a man...
and then make him a man...
so that he's fit to become...
your man.

"[Rousing the Lion] has a great chapter on motivating your man to achieve in his career."

"Wow!! Great stuff!
Hi JD, Yesterday, I used [OMITTED] in an e-mail to my ex boyfriend. Must have struck the right cord because he signed his reply to me like this .... 
"you're the best ...Luv Peter " I haven't received a sign off as positive as that in the.... 2 YEARS... !! ..since we broke up. And ... I've read Reams of info and tried .... EVERYTHING !!!! .... 'cause I really want him back..."


Learn the secrets you've been missing-- the secrets that allow you to create passion and emotional connection with your wits alone.

f you're like most women, you know the feeling of harboring places inside you to which the man in your life never quite speaks, the feeling of nurturing parts of yourself that he consistently fails to discover...

Yet you can have more!

Give yourself permission!

Learn the art of Rousing the Lion!

persuade men, motivate men, inspire men, manage men

Learn how a man thinks. Attract a man. Seduce a man.
Keep him interested in you. Keep him committed.
Understand him, arouse him, inspire him.

"[I feel] Better and closer to my special someone. And as an added bonus I attract more men and like me better."

"[Rousing the Lion] has helped encourage my terminally dishonest man to be much more honest. Also it helps me convince him of things when he is drunk.
Previously unheard of lol...

--Justine, AU

"[Rousing the Lion] created a lot of clarity and effective use of the right words to get a man inspired. Has been great to see the results from that."
--Rebecca, NZ

"Rousing the Lion has really helped me in understanding men and has made a remarkable difference in my relationships with the men in my life. Thanks a lot."
--Alpana, INDIA

"I have been able to feel more confident, recognise certain behaviours even before they exhibit; therby allowing me to utilise my brain more effectively and stop feeling so worried about the unknown. I have a better understanding of men
and therefore feel happier...

--A.S. , UK

"It has helped me to communicate in ways that men appreciate. something that i would never have known
if i had not read the book.


"I now understand better how to communicate with guys as I realise that they synthesise what they hear in a totally different way to me so I have changed my communications style."
--Diane, IRELAND

"Rousing the Lion has helped me very much in my relationship. It has helped me understand men more and feel like it is definitely working! My relationship is going very very well."

"It has helped me to understand the diff in dynamics between me and the men in my life!!"
--Roxane, OHIO
What You Have the Chance to Get:

Rousing the Lion v2.1,
the 145-page manual
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Rousing the Lion: How to Attract, Motivate,, and Inspire Any Man teaches you how to understand and influence men with ease, while also showing you how to ground yourself and maintain your emotional boundaries.

You can open the steel vault of his heart and connect with the emotional gold within him--you can reach the places inside him that no other woman has ever touched...

You can have the power to help him unleash his ambition, so that he can carry you with him up the marble staircase of success.

You'll learn to:

  • Understand men even more deeply than ever before
  • Connect with their emotions
  • Guide their actions
  • Hook into their needs

while also learning to:

  • Protect yourself from getting hurt, while having more adventure than ever before
  • Free yourself from thoughts and emotions that don't serve you
  • Communicate with your internal emotional process, so that your feelings align with your desires

Learn exactly how to wield enormous power over men! Begin the next step in your journey of personal evolution!


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Emotional Revelation #1:

How to Silently Attract A Powerful Man

Emotional Revelation #1)

How to Cast a Secret Psychological "Love Spell" from Across the Room... and See It Work, in Seconds-- in the Real World!


Have you ever seen a man you liked... but felt unwilling to make the first move?

That's understandable-- you know that when you try to catch a man's eye-- let alone, talk to him-- the odds are good that other women are noticing... and who knows what they might say about you.

No wonder the idea of a Love Spell is so naturally appealing...

But what if you could "cast" a kind of "Love Spell"-- a secret, silent "Love Spell"-- that you could see working, right before your eyes?

And what if this Love Spell didn't involve unreliable hocus-pocus... but a secret and natural and dependable trigger built into the male brain?

And, even better, what if this silent Love Spell was something you could employ from across the room?

And no-one... not even the most hawkeyed woman in the room... would notice what you were doing?

Listening to this program, you will learn to emotionally connect with him...

* From across the room... even if he's not paying attention to you at all

* Without saying a word

* Without drawing attention to yourself (the women-- and obviously, the men-- around you will have no idea what you are doing)

* While making him feel that he is the one pursuing you!

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Emotional Revelation #2:

The Hidden Relationship Needs of the Highly Desirable Man

Emotional Revelation #2)

How to Meet the Highly Desirable Man's Secret Unconscious Relationship Needs... So He Stays Passionately Devoted to You


There are many men in this world... but really, only two main kinds of highly desirable men.

These two kinds of highly desirable men have different needs... and needs other men don't.

And these needs keep them from being satisfied with even the youngest and prettiest of women.

Listening to this program, you will learn to:

* Distinguish between these two kinds of men

* Connect with their unique (and hidden!) hungers

* Become emotionally irreplaceable... in ways that feel thoroughly comfortable and authentic for you.

* Build a lasting relationship with a man who truly is a man, so that you can feel safe enough to become the woman you are meant to be.

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Emotional Revelation #3:

How to Give Yourself Confidence and Permission

Emotional Revelation #3)

Accept Your Full Emotional Power!

Why Spend Hundreds on Self-Help Teachers and Seminars?

Feel the Satisfaction of Massive Resources of Confidence and Permission --Previously HIDDEN Within Yourself--Being Unlocked Inside You... NOW... INTENSELY!

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Tune in and Open Yourself to Feelings of Confidence and Permission... So You Can Manifest the Life You Truly Want... and Learn to Accept Even More Satisfaction Than You Think You Deserve!


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Emotional Revelation #4:

How to Bring the Passion Back Forever

Emotional Revelation #4)

How to Bring the Fire Back and Keep It Stoked... For a Lifetime!


There is a recipe for connecting to a man's hidden engine of passion. But not only do most women not know it... men don't consciously know it either!

So even if you were to ask your man how to make him more passionate (yeah, like that'd work...) and he wanted to tell you... He wouldn't know what to say!

But now you can bring the fire back... and raise it higher and higher and higher... in ways that both of you will love!

Listening to this program, you will learn to:

* Reconnect with a man's sensuality... so that even if he seems overwhelmed by work... or emotionally distant... or that spark is just no longer there... you can re-ignite his desire... for you! (And no, this doesn't mean trying really hard or begging or whining or pulling out "toys"-- those approaches don't really work, in the long term... this approach does! You're making use of a hidden trigger in his mind... that sets his body and spirit on fire!)

* Take your lovelife with him from "Great!" to "ALL-PERVASIVE." With this approach, every experience can become infused with incredible, quivering, intensity... in ways that astonish both of you... as the two of you rise higher and higher and higher in pleasure!

* Let the passion you're creating with him be reflected not just in your ever more intense shared pleasures... but in his newfound, incredibly powerful desire to excel at work... and his growing power to create for you the life of beauty and refinement you deserve!

When you learn how to fuel the hidden engine of passion inside him-- the one he doesn't even know about-- he'll have the power to take you both wherever you want to go!

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"I... have been very successful using your tips in mesmerising him with your moves in fact I feel a lot more confident with using body language now then ever before and I more times than not get exactly the reaction I want :-) ."

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A friendship is worth as little... or as much... as you put into it. How much better will you feel, when you are connected with women in the same emotional place you are... and you are sharing ideas and experiences about using all the new secret emotional recipes you are using to unlock the hidden male emotional treasure chest?

A friendship, like a relationship, can be worthless... if you don't invest anything into making it better. But when you do invest yourself... its value can be infinite.

Value of Someone Who Understands,
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(Excerpt from
The Doorway to Love )

[The Doorway to Love is one of many bonuses within the full RtL program]

Of Love, Fate, and the Unconscious  

The fact is, even when a woman convinces herself that she's not thinking about love, or not trying to be attractive, she is, consciously or unconsciously, doing countless little things to catch men's attention, or to drive men away, or, quite often, both.

And because most women don't give themselves permission to really think about the specifics of how they relate to men, they wind up attracting men by default... men who dissatisfy them. Or, for that matter, they wind up losing the men they want the same way they met them... unconsciously, and by default.

Sometimes, doing things unconsciously doesn't mean that you're doing them in an inspired way, and according to what Fate wants... sometimes, it just means that you're doing them, well, unconsciously. That is, without awareness, without sensitivity, without curiosity; that, in fact, you're doing stuff, without a clue as to what you're doing... even, and especially, if you find yourself doing these things time and time again.

Which leads to another point about the Patience Model.

You'll notice that the Patience Model tends to leave you with a very limited range of choices: basically, only those offered directly to you. That is, with the Patience Model, your only real shot is with men who, seeing you wait around and therefore pumped up with a temporary shot of I-guess-she-doesn't-have-any-other-options courage, decide to approach you. Typically, these men will be of approximately your level of attractiveness-- or often, much lower.

Basically, with the Patience Model, you are lined up with all the other women in the room, competing with other women on the basis of who looks prettiest and most available. And you're competing for men who you might not really want to be chosen by.

Of course, if a woman is prepared to settle for whatever men luck brings her way, then the Patience Model is fine; but the more that a woman wants a truly high-quality man, one who can satisfy her for the long-term, the more that she'll need to bring awareness and intent and conscious choice to bear.

The more choice you want, the more you need to give yourself permission to notice the world around you, and the more you must be willing to give yourself permission to take subtle but effective action.

The Truth About Men and Women 

The vital truth, when it comes to connecting with men, is that men and women really are different; the things that would attract and impress you usually hold little meaning for men. And, conversely, men can be excited and compelled and rendered passionate by things that, to most women, seem rather silly.  Yet, by understanding and utilizing a man's hidden triggers, a woman can inspire a man to behave in ways that make her feel wonderful, spiritually, sexually, and emotionally... and, what's more, to love doing it, so that he hungers to please her over and over again.

At this point, you might think, Well, men and women may behave differently... but that's just social conditioning. In a state of nature-- if there weren't society and magazines and movies and social traditions-- men and women would be alike, and a man would finally understand what I'm feeling!

The underlying fact is this: Just as men's and women's bodies are different, men's and women's brains are different. Measurably, physically different. Some parts of the brain are proportionately bigger in women's brains than in men's; other parts are proportionately bigger in men's brains than women's. Men's and women's brains are dosed with different neurochemicals, in different proportions, early in life; men's and women's brains even form and recall memories differently, each using different neurochemicals for this process.

Bluntly, men and women behave differently, and prioritize things differently, because they think differently; they think differently, because they perceive the world differently; and because they perceive the world differently, they live in different worlds.

Is this a tragedy? It can be, when you don't let yourself accept that a man naturally lives and breathes in  a different atmosphere than you do. But if you do let yourself accept this, and then ask, How can I make this fun?, then you and he can be transported together into a third, hidden realm-- a realm hidden to the women he's known before--, and now an entirely new universe of emotional and erotic possibility can open up to you...

Of Particle and Wave

 It's helpful to think of men as experiencing the world through particles, and women as experiencing the world through waves.

What does that mean?

 It means that, for men...

[Continued within the full RtL program]

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